About Gillian Tewsley

Gillian Tewsley - Pepperleaf Director

Formerly commissioning editor at Penguin New Zealand, I’ve worked for 22 years as editor and publisher inhouse at some of the best publishing houses in New Zealand, including Penguin, Reed/Raupō, Random House, Auckland University Press and Oxford University Press. I have worked closely with many top New Zealand authors. Please feel free to read what they say about working with me as their editor in Comments.

A Kiwi born and bred, I  lived overseas for 14 years – in Texas, Tennessee, Switzerland and Papua New Guinea. A wordsmith and linguist by nature, I’m passionate about words. I speak French and German and have a good reading knowledge of te reo Māori and related Pasifika languages.

An interesting aspect of my work has been editing translations of two novels and a memoir from French to English. Editing translations throws up some curly questions and gets me thinking about language, and how writers use it.

What do I love about my work?

There is plenty of reading involved in editing – luckily it’s my passion, as well as my day job. The highlights of my work are

  • working with authors to hone their writing
  • reading and learning about everything under the sun

Some highlights of my career are:

  • commissioning and developing books about the wildlife, plants and natural history of New Zealand
  • editing and working with talented authors on all kinds of books