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A Pepperleaf editor will work with you, the author, to take a critical look at your manuscript. Is it too long, or too short? Are there areas you might develop further, or trim back? Have you worked your research seamlessly into your writing? Are your characters plausible? The editor will check all the little details too: repetition, redundancies, mistakes in spelling and grammar, facts, anachronisms, and everything else. And if there’s anything the editor doesn’t understand, we’ll ask you to explain and prompt you to rewrite more clearly. The aim is to make your work as clear and ready-to-publish as possible.


Once your book has been designed and paged, it goes back to you, the author, for a final check – and to a Pepperleaf proofreader, who will go through it with a fine-tooth comb, looking for rogue typos, missing page numbers, and anything else that might have slipped through the net.

book design and production

For authors who decide to self-publish – in book format or as an e-book – Pepperleaf can put you in touch with professionals to produce a finished book. Together we can help you to make decisions about the best design and format for your book, the extent (number of pages), hardback or paperback, colour photos or b/w, and the many other elements of book design. We’ll team up with experienced book designers to make decisions on typography, fonts and layout, and to come up with the optimum design for the inside pages and the cover of your book.

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