Comments from authors

Joy Cowley says . . .

Working with Gillian has all the pleasure of an intelligent and sensitive partnership. Gillian’s expert eye caught the gaps and glitches my own vision missed, rescuing me from the effect of some embarrassing errors and reinforcing for me the conviction that a good editor is, in effect, a co-author.  Joy Cowley



Witi Ihimaera says . . .

I don’t know how many books I wrote or was involved with that Gillian edited! I know they included The Matriarch (the Redux edition), The Rope of Man, Whanau II, Ask the Posts of the House and an anthology of Maori writing called Get on the Waka.

They were all BIG books! So Gillian is not afraid of big challenges.

She was also sensitive as an editor, ensuring that the big themes didn’t get lost in the detailed edit – and she made it fun, which is always important when you face that tiring and frustrating battle with your material and try to push it to places where it doesn’t want to go – but should.

Witi Ihimaera

Paul Cleave says . . .

Paul Cleave

Gillian was great. Friendly, lovely, very professional. She worked on my fourth book, Blood Men, and I couldn’t be happier to recommend her to other authors out there. She made what can be a complicated process very easy for me, and I learned very quickly I could completely trust her.

An author/editor relationship is an extremely important thing to get right. You can’t rely on friends or family to give you honest feedback. The biggest step you can take towards getting published is getting unbiased, professional feedback.

My advice – make the manuscript the best you can, then give Gillian a call.

Paul Cleave

Deidre Brown says . . .

Getting from a manuscript to a book can be a challenging journey. I was extremely fortunate that Gillian was the editor I worked with on my first book, and on my four subsequent books.

She has been supportive of my ideas and work, and has guided me through the potentially complex business of editing and publication process with ease and competency.

She has also been honest about what is required in terms of writing standards and the general direction of a book that meets the expectations of specific audiences, without comprising the integrity of the work.

Most importantly, Gillian has always been an editor that can be relied upon when needed, and as such is a trusted advisor and friend. These are opinions shared by others who have worked with her.

Deidre Brown

Gerald Cunningham says . . .

‘During the years 2002 to 2008, Gillian Tewsley, as commissioning editor at Reed Publishing, was responsible for bringing four of my books from a vague idea through to a completed publication.

Her input was such that these books have all proved to be successful titles that continue to sell to the retail trade, several years after their original publication date.

As an author I found Gillian to be very experienced in the skills required to transform an author’s manuscript into a successful book.

She was not only able to cope with the often harsh realities of publishing, but also possessed a talent for allowing an author to proceed, without attempting to influence or overmanage the creative process.

Gerald Cunningham

Grahame Sydney says . . .

A small note of large gratitude from me for the perceptive and sensitive editing you did . . . I was relieved to find myself in agreement with everything you mentioned, and surprised that fresh, intelligent reading could not only notice such things, but deem them worthy of correction or elucidation.GCS